Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe
Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Autographe


The International Antiquarian Book Fair welcomed in 2009 as a guest of honour the Archives national du Québec (BAnQ)



Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) will be exhibiting its national treasures during the International Antiquarian Book Fair in June 2009.

BAnQ is the most important cultural institution in Quebec, both in terms of its size and in the diversity of its activities and regional presence.   With no equivalent in the world, BAnQ combines a large public library, a national library and the national archives of Quebec.  It also enjoys the status of museum institution.  Its purposes include acquisition, conservation and distribution of published, archive and film heritage documents of Quebec or relative to Quebec.  
BAnQ unites a unique selection of services and collections in 11 distribution points, nine of which are archive centres, as well as on its Website. 

It also has the role of resource institution for documentary centres, namely in terms of putting libraries online and sharing collections, while also offering consulting services in documentary management.  

BAnQ is a company on the forefront, welcoming people of all ages, educators, community groups, special interest groups, academics, professionals in publishing, library and archive economics as well as documentary and cultural institutions.  It serves 7.7 million Quebecois on a territory of 1,670,000 km2.   

BAnQ  is: 
•    the Heritage Collection accessible to all
•    the Central Library 
•    the Conservation Centre and Guardian of National Heritage Treasures 
•    nine archive centres in Quebec, all open to the public
•    extensive virtual resources accessible on
•    a wealth of diversified and cultural programming  

Montréal • Québec • Gatineau • Rimouski • Rouyn-Noranda • 
Saguenay • Sept-Îles • Sherbrooke • Trois-Rivières

1 800 363-9028 or 514 873-1100
Download  press release v1 or press release v2 (french pdf files).



Friday, June 19 
15.30 -  Round Table Discussion
Books: from Conservation to Circulation
As objects of culture and knowledge, vectors of meaning and values, books have contributed to the construction and consolidation of the educational, cultural and economic fabric of our societies.  They touch a constantly renewed readership, connecting generations, peoples and cultures beyond natural and political borders.
Books thus contain and vehicle; they fix and transmit.  These dual functions are one in the same and they would not serve their fundamental purpose if they failed to achieve any one of them.  And yet, there have always been numerous threats, whether political, economical, natural (decay over time), which prey on books, threatening their role of conservation and transmission.  Other forces, however, (great editors, booksellers, translators, trans-national agreements), have contributed to their success, their development and their preservation.  What are the elements, interests and social actors that have limited, or, quite the opposite, encouraged the advance of books on an international scale?  What are the factors that can, today, hamper the free circulation of books and threaten the functions of conservation of knowledge and creation?
With the participation of Abdelaziz Abid, International Specialist in Documentary Archives, former head of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme; Gisèle Sapiro, research director at the CNRS (Center of European Sociology), professor at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS); Yann Sordet, Head Conservationist of the Reserves Department of the Sainte-Geneviève Library; Alain Nicolas, Bookseller, President of Honour of the National Union of Antiquarian and Modern Bookshops (SLAM) and President of Honour of the International League of Antiquarian Bookshops, and with the presence of Mauro Rosi, specialist in public policy for books at UNESCO, acting as moderator of the conference. 

17.00 – Round Table Discussion
A survey of Bibliophiles by Booksellers
The results and comments from the survey conducted last spring by professionals on amateur booklovers.   Participants:  Frédéric Castaing, President of SLAM; Jacques Desse, bookseller; Patrice Garnier, a great bibliophile; Rodolphe Goujet, doctoral student in Sociology; Emmanuel Lhermitte, bookseller.

Saturday, June 20
14.30  - Canada:  a chance discovery?
By Doctor Gilles Foucqueron, President of the Falkland Island Association of Friends of Jacques Cartier. 
If Canada was officially rediscovered by Europe during the Renaissance, the modern history of this country across the Atlantic actually took root three-quarters of a century earlier when military operations of the One Hundred Years War ended, opening up a pathway to the modern nation of France and the downfall of Constantinople, blocking the spice and silk route.  These two events of 1453 led both to the initiation of the union between Brittany and France which was achieved in 1532 under the reign of François I, and to a need for Europeans to find new routes for obtaining raw materials from far-away Asia.  It was for this reason that in 1532, the King of France lent an attentive ear to Jacques Cartier’s project.  

16.30 – Quebec Library and National Archives / The Reality behind Antiquarian Books in Quebec

President and CEO of the Quebec Library and National Archives (BanQ), Lise Bissonnette presents this institution, which is the honoured guest of the International Antiquarian Book Fair in Paris.   

At once antiquarian bookseller, rare book conservationist at the Canada National Library, former specialist of antiquarian books at BanQ until 2007, Michel Brisebois gives a brief historical overview of the library’s great collections, their evolution and the role of BanQ in the new realities of antiquarian books in Quebec.  
Brought to New France by French religious and bourgeois communities, these collections have made it through centuries thanks to the passion of a few enlightened individuals.  Today, the antiquarian book sector is the daily concern of a group of Francophone and Anglophone professionals – librarians, booksellers, professors, bibliophiles and bibliographers – who work together to describe, preserve and promote the value of this national heritage.  The Inventory project of antiquarian prints in Quebec (IMAC) is a fine example of this vitality, as is the work on the History of Books and Prints project in Canada, which has attracted and involved academic and professional antiquarian book specialists.

Sunday, June 21
14.30 - Autographs, Passion or Speculation
With the participation of Frédéric Castaing, President of the National Union of Antiquarian and Modern Bookshops, Ileana Miranda-Mendoza, doctoral student in Culture of the Economy and a representative of the French Archives.

Exhibitions / Events

Low prices for bibliophiles:
« Discovery of Antiquarian Books » Stand
On the collective stand « Discovery of Antiquarian Books » (D 34-36), booksellers participating in the XXI International Antiquarian Book Fair demonstrate that beautiful books and a small budget can work together.  This stand offers collectible works and well-known texts with antique bindings at a low price: 20 – 150 euros for works in 1 – 2 volumes and at most 300 euros for a series bound in several volumes.  
SLAM booksellers who will be delighted to inform and share their expertise and comments with beginning collectors attend this stand, for the initiation of bibliophiles.
Don’t be shy… they love answering questions!

Association For the Promotion of the Arts of Bookbinding
The APPAR association, an association according to the French law of 1901, created in 2005, has replaced the AIR neuf association (International Association of Book-binders). Our association boasts over 180 members today. 
The main purpose of the APPAR association is to bring together both top amateurs and top professionals in two distinct groups. A third group, friend members, rounds out our movement, uniting all those who are active in the field of books: conservationists, bibliophiles, booksellers, editors and sympathizers.  APPAR activities stem from three main poles:  meetings with speakers, exhibits and publishing of bibliophile works.  The last work published by our association was entrusted to Marc Pessin on the Treatise of Equilibrium and Movement of Fluids by d’Alembert.  The next work will be devoted to the correspondence between Germaine de Coster and Hélène Dumas, to be published in 2010.

During the Fair, at stand D 29-31, the association will offer bookbindings created by its professional members.  All bookbindings on show were done for original works, some illustrated.  Our professional antiquarian book restorers will present their work and give advice to visitors on restoration and conservation.    

Association For the Promotion of the Arts of Bookbinding (APPAR) address and information:
34, rue Ballu, 75009 Paris
Phone:  01 45 26 70 58

The National Library of France
The BnF, will show antiquarian books and prints on stand E26.

The François Bernouard Fund
The François Bernouard Fund, presented by the Montilieu Village Books and Graphic Arts Association, consists of a large number of works published by François Bernouard:  original manuscripts, drawings, paintings and collages by contributing artists.  François Bernouard is one of the great typographers of the first half of the twentieth century.  He founded his publishing company in 1909 and published nearly three hundred works over about forty years.  François Bernouard’s graphic work is an important element in the extension of graphic interpretation of texts in the trend to an increasingly intelligible relationship between literature and typography.  Stand D 58.

Ceramics Exhibit
The works of Nicole Barth:  sculptures, clay and textile installations, were most recently put on show by the Art Workshops of France, in February, 2009, and by Artsénat in the Luxemburg gardens in 2007.  The work of Nicole Barth shows her dual sensitivity to German and French culture… a European sensitivity.  Her ceramic book-objects may be said to express the fusion between two cultures.  
Following a long experience in Germany and the south of France, today Nicole Barth works in Paris. /

Print Exhibit:  Dominique Durand
Draws, engraves and paints, since 1988.  As a landscaper, Dominique Durand is most interested in the theme of the pathway (geographical, shadow to light, amongst ruins).  In engraving, current conflicts are one of her themes of contemplation.  Finally, for several years she has been pursuing a work of “flat sculptures” in slate enhanced by pastels, as well as from shattered bricks.  
Phone:  01 45 77 26 07

Photography Exhibit:
• Portraits of XXth century booksellers
For a large part of the XXth century, Gisèle Freund, with the help of Adrienne Monnier, famous Parisian bookseller, made a series of unique portraits of writers and booksellers.  In the same spirit, Marc-M has been pursuing the work.  This is his first exhibit:
• Photos by Patrick Tournebœuf
With the kind participation of Patrick Tournebœuf and the gallery Emotion-Lydie Trigano
Phone:  +33 (0) 6 03 04 55 55 /
• « PHOTOLIVRES » Exhibit
Jean-Marc Godès – Artistic research devoted to the promotion of Books and Francophone writing.  
Jean-Marc Godès / Phone:  06 80 31 31 29

Orchestra:  The Quartet of 3 Continents
Begun in Latin America in 2005, The Quartet of 3 Continents is one of Paris’s star chamber music groups.   With its large repertoire, it blends the crystalline sound of the piano with the silky tones of a string trio.  For the Fair, the Quartet of 3 Continents will play Mozart daily at 16.30 and Brahms at 18.00.  Music lovers can listen in on:

Slam Performances 
The National Union of Antiquarian and Modern Bookshops (SLAM) has decided to mix talents of the past with those of today in organizing slam sessions, Thursday, 18.00 – 20.30 and Sunday, June 21 at 15.30:  Félix Jousserand and Céline Robinet.  With the participation of the publishers Au Diable Vauvert.

Au Diable Vauvert
An urban yet organic house, ultra-connected but located between the swamp and the grapevine. Au Diable Vauvert publishes fewer than thirty titles a year in French and foreign literature, documents, albums, music, comics, young people’s literature and contemporary poetry.
Au Diable Vauvert stands up for its fundamental belief:  today’s literature, having fled academic constraints in favour of a living language, is in the midst of a new burst of creative energy.

La Laune - BP 72 - 30600 Vauvert
Phone:  04 66 73 16 56
Fax:  04 66 73 16 57
Internet site:

Signing of Works
Signature sessions for works written or published by SLAM booksellers or specialists on the Art or bibliophile market:  Alain Nicolas, Jean-Yves Lacroix, Philippe Deblaise, Bertrand Galimard-Flavigny, Marie-Claire Marsan, Sabine Bourgey, Jean-Etienne Huret, Jean-Pierre Dutel, Thierry Vette et Michel Signoli, etc.  On stand E30-32.

Bibliography Prize
Each year, SLAM selects a bibliographical work of quality recently published in the French language for its Bibliography Prize.  This year, the prize will be awarded during the International Antiquarian Book Fair on Saturday, June 20, at 19.00.